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September 16, 2009

Tips when using MaintainJ on WebSphere

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Tip 1: For all other types of servers except WebSphere, a separate starter script is generated to start the server with MaintainJ. For Java applications, there is a separate run configuration. This will give the user the freedom to run the server/application with or without MaintainJ. As the applications take more time and resources when starting with MaintainJ, there will be times when one would like to start without MaintainJ.

But in the case of WebSphere, the server classpath and JVM arguments are changed in WebSphere admin console and the server is started the same way as before. Here is the tip to start WebSphere without MaintainJ.

The changes to server JVM classpath and arguments are stored in runtimes\base_v61\profiles\AppSrv01\config\cells\mainNode03Cell\nodes\mainNode03\servers\server1\server.xml . The path may be a little different on your PC depending on your server and node names. You can take a backup of this file before changing the settings for MaintainJ. When you want to start the server without MaintainJ, backup the server.xml with MaintainJ settings and use the original version.

Tip 2: This tip is more for RAD 6 users. RAD 6 seems to use different IBM JRE versions for different minor versions of WebSphere. We did the necessary fixes to make MaintainJ work for the reported problems, but in case the server fails to start after changing JVM classpath and arguments, follow the procedure below:

The changes to the server JVM classpath and arguments are placed in ‘processDefinitions’ element in server.xml. The path to this file is given in the last tip. You will find the MaintainJ related classpath changes in ‘classpath’ element. Remove them. The JVM argument related changes are in ‘jvmEntries’ element’s ‘genericJvmArguments’ attribute. Remove them as well. WebSphere will start normally after this. Contact us with your JVM version (with exact output of ‘java -ver’ command) if you face this issue.

Choudary Kothapalli.

April 25, 2009

MaintainJ.war on WebSphere 6.1

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After installing MaintainJ on WebSphere 6.1 using MaintainJ.war, the following exception may occur when the server is restarted.

Caused by: Access denied (java.util.PropertyPermission read)
at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkPermission(

To avoid this, add the following entry to java.policy file. The path to the policy file is shown after Step 2 of installation.

permission java.util.PropertyPermission “”, “read”;

Another user reported same exception on ‘eclipse.exitcode read’. Adding a similar entry in the policy file resolved the problem. This error seems to occur only with some minor versions of the WebSphere 6.1.

Choudary Kothapalli.

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