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December 13, 2007

MaintainJ with Glassfish

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Follow these instructions to use MaintainJ on Glassfish. In the steps below, it is assumed that your domain name is domain1. Change if necessary. Replace GlassfishRoot with the folder where Glassfish is installed.

1. Download MaintainJ.war and drop it into your autodeploy folder.
2. Go to http://localhost:8080/MaintainJ . Click ‘Install’ link.
3. You will go to ‘Install MaintainJ’ screen. Click ‘Install’ button. This copies two jar files to GlassfishRoot/domains/domain1/maintainj folder.
4. Click ‘Step 2: Configure Instrumentation Scope’. Enter a package name in your application and choose other options as necessary.
5. Next you need to update the server classpath and JVM arguments. Open the admin console at http://localhost:4848/
6. Go to Application Server–>JVM Settings–>Path Settings–>Classpath Prefix . Add


Replace GlassfishRoot. Notice that this classpath contains a folder and a jar file. The folder is needed because the aspect in META-INF/aop.xml needs to be in server classpath.
7. Go to Application Server–>JVM Settings–>JVM Options–>Add JVM option. In the text box opened, add


Replace GlassfishRoot
8. Restart Glassfish Server.
9. Verify installation at http://localhost:8080/MaintainJ/verify.jsp .
10. Start Tracing at http://localhost:8080/MaintainJ/aspect.jsp . Click ‘Start Tracing’ button.
11. Run a use case in your application.
12. Click ‘Stop Tracing’ button.

That’s it! Your trace files are ready.

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