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April 19, 2012

The class xxx exceeds the maximum class size supported by the JVM

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If you get this error when you start your application with MaintainJ, please exclude that class in the aop.xml. Check this FAQ entry on how to edit the aop.xml and exclude a class. check out

–choudary Kothapalli.

Unable to continue, this version of AspectJ supports classes built with weaver version 6.0 but the class XXX is version 7.0

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You might see this kind of exception when you start your application with MaintainJ. The reason for this exception is nicely described by the AspectJ lead Andy in his blog.

This exception might occur if you are already using AspectJ in your application, which may conflict with the version of AspectJ that MaintainJ is using. Below are the steps to resolve this:

1. Search if you have aspectjrt.jar or aspectjweaver.jar in your application classpath. Remove them if so.

2. MaintainJ already places aspectjweaver.jar at a higher level in the classpath. So, you don’t need it in your application. aspectjweaver.jar has all the classes in aspectjrt.jar and so you can safely remove it from your classpath.

Do those steps and restart your application. If you still have any problems, contact me.

–Choudary Kothapalli.

April 7, 2012

MaintainJ for Android apps

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MaintainJ support for Android applications is added.

–Choudary Kothapalli.

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