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September 21, 2011

Integrating MaintainJ with Selenium, JUnit or such testing tools

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Below are the options to integrate MaintainJ with Selenium, JUnit or with such test automation tools.

1. Web Apps – On the browser end

You can automate the process of manually clicking the ‘Start’ and ‘Stop Tracing’ buttons. You will have to use the tool specific API to switch between your application window and MaintainJ tracing window. Using the tool specific API, provide the use case name for every use case, before generating the trace files.

2. Web Apps – On the server side

You can also follow this approach instead, which will automatically generate trace files for every server hit. This approach needs a bit of customization to MaintainJAspect.jar. You could pass a test case specific identifier with every request, which can be used to generate the trace file name. Contact us and we will be happy to work with you to do the necessary customization.

3. For JUnit

If you are using JUnit, you are in luck. MaintainJ already integrates with JUnit and you can generate the trace file for each test case. This is a very neat feature as you will have documentation for each test case you run. If a test case fails, you can use the sequence diagram to find out where and why it failed and fix the problem.

4. For all other applications

If your test automation tool supports Java, then you can use the MaintainJ API to start and stop tracing and to generate the trace files.

Choudary Kothapalli.

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