MaintainJ License

There are two types of licensing for MaintainJ - server based and node locked. Both types of licenses are annual, per user licenses and are valid for all future updates of MaintainJ. Support questions from customers will be answered in under 24 hours.

1. Server License: This type of license is suitable for development teams. Server license is not locked to a computer, but to the user's login id. A license server is provided, which needs to be installed in the customer's network. The computers running the MaintainJ Eclipse plug-in need to be able to access the license server.

2. Node Locked License: Node locked license is tied to a single computer and user's login id. It can be used in multiple Eclipse installations as long as they are running on the same computer and is used by the same user. This is suitable for individual users.

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Evaluation License: You can get a 7 day evaluation license here