MaintainJ Resources and Support Channels

1. MaintainJ User Guide, Demos, FAQ and Forum

MaintainJ User Guide - The user guide has all the details on how to set up and use MaintainJ.

MaintainJ Demos - Demo videos of MaintainJ's features and installation of MaintainJ for different types of applications.

MaintainJ FAQ - The FAQ section is constantly updated with the most frequently asked questions about MaintainJ. Check the FAQ first to see if your questions are answered.

MaintainJ Blog - Our blog.

2. MaintainJ Installation Wizards

We provide many out-of-the-box wizards for quick installation of MaintainJ. Usually one of these wizards would work for you. Use the MaintainJ Quick Start to download the relevant Eclipse plug-ins and wizards for your application. You will also find slideshows of the steps involved in installing MaintainJ using the wizards.

3. Free Evaluation License and Support

We offer free evaluation licenses and support so that you can try MaintainJ on your applications. We request you to confirm that in addition to generating the diagrams, MaintainJ actually saves debugging and documentation effort for your Java teams. Please feel free to ask us for license extensions if you need more time to evaluate the product.

Support Forums - The support forums are used to discuss any issues you have and to search through the related discussions for solutions to your issues. Please provide the version numbers of Eclipse, JDK, application server and any exception stack trace to help us identify the problem quicker.

4. Phone and email support

You are always welcome to email us at

We also encourage you to call us at 416 686 7494. We are in Toronto, Canada in EDT time zone.

We promise that you will not be greeted by a robot. You get to talk directly with the MaintainJ developers. We see many instances where many hours are lost on issues that could be resolved with a 2 minute chat with us. So, do not hesitate to pick up the phone.