1. MaintainJ Overview Demo

The following video gives an overview of MaintainJ, taking a large Web application as a sample.

MaintainJ Overview Demo Video (4.5 minutes)

2. MaintainJ Screenshots

Check the sample sequence and class diagram screenshots that explain the important features of MaintainJ.

3. MaintainJ Feature Demos

3.1 How MaintainJ can help to enhance applications

This demo shows how you can quickly find the relevant components used in a use case to enhance that use case.

How MaintainJ can help to enhance - Demo

3.2 How MaintainJ can help to tune the response time

This demo shows how you can tune the response time of a use case using MaintainJ.

Response time tuning demo

3.3 How MaintainJ can help to document

This demo shows two ways to quickly document a large use case.

How MaintainJ can help to document - Demo

3.4 Predefined Filters

Check how you can define and apply the filters to view the same diagram at different levels of details and to quickly document a complex use case.

Predefined Filters Demo    (Download as PDF)

3.5 Exporting the diagrams to RSA (UML2 format)

The MaintainJ diagrams can be exported as UML2 models and then be imported into other UML2 compliant tools like Rational Software Architect (RSA).

RSA Integration Demo    (Download PDF)

3.6 Runtime Impact Analysis

You can search for a class / method or database table / field across trace files. This feature can be used to find the impacted use cases after a change to a Java class or method or changing a database table or field. Check the slides below to find out how.

Runtime Impact Analysis Demo   (Download PDF)

4. MaintainJ Installation Wizard Demos

We provide many wizards to install MaintainJ on different types of applications. The following slide shows show the steps involved in installing MaintainJ on core Java, web and JUnit applications. We also provide the sample applications (JFreeChart) used to record the slideshows. The sample applications are about 1000 classes, big enough to give you an idea of how MaintainJ scales.

4.1 For Web Applications

MaintainJ for Web Applications

Sample Application: Deploy the war to the application server of your choice and open http://localhost:8080/jfreechart-sample/

4.2 For core Java / Applet / JUnit applications run from Eclipse

MaintainJ for Swing Applications

MaintainJ for Applets

MaintainJ for JUnit: MaintainJ seamlessly integrates with JUnit to generate UML diagrams for each test case.

Sample Application:
The zip is an Eclipse workspace projects that can directly be imported into Eclipse. The main class and the Applet class used are org.jfree.chart.demo.TimeSeriesChartDemo1 and demo.applet.TimeSeriesChartApplet respectively.

4.3 For core Java applications run from command prompt

If your application is started from command prompt, check these.
For core Java Applications run from command prompt